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We provide complex organizing of your event/convention, conference, meeting, seminar or workshop.

For the success of your event or meeting, we are ready to:

  • plan your meeting

  • select the most appropriate venue for your conference (according to our knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of each one)

  • accommodate participants of your meeting

  • arrange the transportation of the participants

  • rent the conference technical equipment

  • provide multi-lingual interpreting and individual translators

  • prepare social events and enetertainment

All participants will enjoy first class service from the moment they arrive to Slovakia, to the moment they leave to home country.

SUPRAVIA's long term contracts with quality hotels and restaurants in Slovakia, coach suppliers as well as the company's great team of full-time, creative, multi-lingual employees and a solid group of experienced support staff guarantee the success of your event.

Zamocka 12.
P.O. Box 264
SK - 811 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421-2-5920 1711
Fax: +421-2-5920 1700