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SUPRAVIA is one of the leading Destination Management companies operating in incoming and incentive travel. Since the birth of the company in 1991, we have developed a unique portfolio of clients and partners who organise their conference, incentive events, group tour and private holidays to Slovakia and neighbouring countries. You can enjoy the unique challenging alpine mountains hiking, skiing and relaxing in the splendid High and Low Tatra mountain. Slovakia offers outstanding locations for various activities, sport, recreation, adventure. Concerts of all kind held in unique venues, churches, castles and medieval fortresses, folklore performances in typical chalets, wine cellars in regions rich on cultural and folk tradition provide experience for whole life. Sightseeing tours and excursions with professional guide service introduce You to Bratislava, Capital of Slovakia, the heart of Central Europe.
SUPRAVIA's long term contracts with quality hotels and restaurants in Slovakia, coach suppliers as well as the company's great team of full-time, creative, multi-lingual employees and a solid group of experienced support staff guarantee your conference, an incentive event, individual or group trip top quality and an ultimate success.
The company's activities according to your demands cover not only Slovakia but embrace the whole Central Europe. Prague-Bratislava-Budapest-Vienna - you can discover the special charm and rich unique past of the most beautiful and most impressive cities on Your special interest tours.

Is that all? Not at all!
SUPRAVIA offers you especially created incentive programs which remain in the memories. Do you want to reward your employees for their work and loyalty? Do you want to increase the loyalty and retention of your clients? Incentive trip is the ultimate reward. Try something different. Try adventure for motivation.
We make it special. We make it memorable. We bring it to YOU. Congresses, conferences, corporate meetings, social events everything is prepared up to your request. Our conference services include pre/post conference tour, social event and special program for accompanying persons.

The company's mission is to provide best product value to its clients and customers through innovative products and high quality services and to remain one of the leading incoming & incentive companies in Slovakia.

SUPRAVIA plus - every visitor to Slovakia, all participants in conference or incentive event will experience a first class service from Hello to Good bye.

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